Scientific Programm

The special topics will be represented by the plenary talks, which are Amphibious Geophysics, Ambient noise and Earth Observation from Satellites.


Poster contributions are welcome in the following sessions:

  • AG Archaeogeophysics and Geoarchaeology
  • BL Borehole Geophysics
  • EM Electromagnetics and Ground Penetrating Radar
  • EX Extraterrestrical Physics
  • GD Geodynamics
  • GE/IP Geoelectrics and Induced Polarisation
  • GR/MA Gravimety and Magnetics
  • GS History of Geophysics
  • DLO Geophysics in Teaching and Public Outreach
  • GT Geothermal energy and Radiometry
  • MA Marine Geophysics
  • NM/ML Numerical modelling, Imaging and Machine Learning
  • AG Applied Geophysics
  • SE Seismics
  • SO Seismology
  • UI/ZP Engineering and Environmental Geophysics, Non-destructive testing
  • VU Volcanology