Abstract submission

You can submit your abstract online:

You can submit abstracts for talks or posters to the following sessions:

  • S 1 Amphibious Geophysics
  • S 2 Ambient Noise
  • S 3 Earth Observation from Satellites
  • AG Archaeogeophysics and Geoarchaeology
  • BL Borehole Geophysics
  • EM Electromagnetics and Ground Penetrating Radar
  • EX Extraterrestrical Physics
  • GD Geodynamics
  • GE/IP Geoelectrics and Induced Polarisation
  • GR/MA Gravimety and Magnetics
  • GS History of Geophysics
  • DLO Geophysics in Teaching and Public Outreach
  • GT Geothermal energy and Radiometry
  • MA Marine Geophysics
  • NM/ML Numerical modelling, Imaging and Machine Learning
  • AG Applied Geophysics
  • SE Seismics
  • SO Seismology
  • UI/ZP Engineering and Environmental Geophysics, Non-destructive testing
  • VU Volcanology

Deadline for abstract submission is 22.1.2021.

Guidelines for submission


  • Please submit your abstract online. Abstracts send by email, mail or other means are not accepted.
  • Conference languages are German and English.
  • You can submit your abstract in German or English.
  • Submission of abstracts and corrections is possible until  22.1.2021.
  • Please provide a citable version of the abstract.
  • If your abstract is accepted for presentation, the registration and attendance of at least one author is obligatory.

Content and format of abstracts

  • Do not use the titles or names of the authors in the main text.
  • Formulate the abstract clearly in following way: Scientific question, aim, applied methods and conclusion.
  • The title should be concise.
  • A total of 2,500 characters including spaces is allowed. No figures in the abstract.
  • Please do not use formatting. We do not guarantee that formatting is transfered correctly during submission.

Contact for questions

If you have questions concerning the submission of abstracts, please contact

Smart Abstract GmbH
Gabriele Köhn
E-Mail: support@smart-abstract.com
Website: www.smart-abstract.com