Student evening

The DGG student evening will be hosted on Monday, 1 March 7pm (s.t.!). As you will have guessed, it's going to be digital.

We are more than happy that more than 60 people have registered. We took this as a motivation to create an appropriate virtual platform to recreate the convivial atmosphere of past student evenigs.

How is this going to work?
We made some effort and created a virtual platform at ( There you will be part of a vivid program with some entertaining games for social networking, Icebreaker included! You will also find space for a private chat in a more relaxed setting.

How can You prepare?
Your best choice is a headset with a microphone. You can check out settings and functionality of in advance in this very brief tutorial:
Also, we suppose you prepare yourself with your favourite drinks and snacks!

Next Monday, all registered participants will receive an email with link and password to enter the virtual room. This will also include information on how to find the Icebreaker event where we will also walk you through some basics and some of the activities that are available.

Looking forward to having a great evening with you on Monday!