Pyrocko Workshop



We will offer a series of brief introductions to various tools in the Pyrocko ecosystem. We are planning to give a mixture of short presentations, demos, and for those who want, some very short hands-on tutorials. To follow the hands-on parts, please install Pyrocko on your machine before the workshop.

Workshop topics

- Snuffler - a waveform browser and workbench
- Scripting with Pyrocko
- Precomputed Green's functions and seismogram modelling
- Source inversion with Grond
- InSAR displacement processing with Kite
- Outlook: new Pyrocko tools: Sparrow and Squirrel

The workshop will take place on BBB (video conference in web browser):

Thursday, 2021-03-04, 14:30 - 17:00

Installation manuals

Pyrocko (includes Snuffler, Fomosto, Cake, Jackseis, ...):

Grond (source inversion):

Kite (InSAR data processing):

Virtual machine

If you prefer, you can try our tools in a fully prepared virtual machine. We will provide a VirtualBox .ova image for download on Friday 2021-02-19.

This is also a good option for Windows users because our tools currently do not run natively under Windows.

Installation happy hour

You are welcome join our installation happy hour on BBB (video conference in web browser), where we will try to resolve installation issues:

   Friday, 2021-02-19, 16:00 - 17:00

Asynchronous installation help

Chat with us at our friendly Pyrocko Hive:


Team Pyrocko